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solo 401k withdrawal rules
Solo 401k
January 13, 2023
Solo 401k Withdrawal Rules & Penalties Explained (2023 Update)

OVERVIEW The solo 401k has strict rules around withdrawals and the penalties could be steep if you break them.  The good news is that the withdrawal guidelines are fairly straightforward and easy to stay in compliance with. And in emergency situations, there are certain exceptions where you could withdraw early with no penalties.  Some solo 401k plans […]

401k +1 Solo 401k
January 05, 2023
Can I Have Both a Solo 401k and a Regular 401k?

One of the most common questions around solo 401k eligibility is: Can I contribute to a solo 401k if I also receive a 401k plan at my day job? As long as you meet the eligibility requirements of a solo 401k, you’re allowed to contribute to both plans if you receive a 401k at your […]

self directed solo 401k
Solo 401k
December 05, 2022
The Self-Directed Solo 401k Explained

The IRS lets you invest in almost any asset class with a solo 401k. However, in order to make investments into alternative assets like real estate, crypto, and private equity, you need full checkbook control over your investment account.  Without a self-directed solo 401k, your investment options are limited to whatever your plan provider offers in […]

solo 401k nft
Solo 401k
December 05, 2022
Can You Buy An NFT With A Solo 401k? (New Rules For 2023)

OVERVIEW With tax-free compounding and tax-free withdrawals in retirement, a solo 401k is one of the best retirement accounts to hold high-growth assets. You don’t pay any taxes when you sell assets in your account (tax-free compounding), and with the Roth solo 401k account, you pay zero taxes on when you withdraw from your account […]

solo 401k investments
Solo 401k
December 05, 2022
What Can I Invest In Through A Solo 401k?

OVERVIEW The IRS does not define what you’re allowed to invest in through your solo 401k. Anything goes with a few exceptions. A solo 401k account is not allowed to invest in collectibles, S corporation stock, and life insurance investments. The solo 401k comes with total investment freedom. Unlike something like a traditional 401k, you’re not limited […]

solo 401k prohibited transactions
Solo 401k
December 05, 2022
Solo 401k Prohibited Transactions Explained

OVERVIEW & FAQ While a solo 401k gives you total freedom in what you can invest in, the IRS sets strict restrictions around who the plan can make transactions with. In a solo 401k, the assets are owned by the plan, not you or your business. When you open a solo 401k account, the plan registers for its own Employer Identification […]

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