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Investor Updates

Sign up for monthly investor updates. Every month, Ocho Founder, Ankur Nagpal, sends this public list the (almost identical) update sent to our stakeholders. Occasionally, sensitive information may need to be redacted, but as much as possible is shared publicly.

What we’re building

Launched in December 2022, Ocho is building the next generation financial platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, creators and freelancers, starting with the Ocho Solo 401k and Ocho Money.

Ocho Solo 401k

A supercharged, intuitive solo 401k plan custom built from the ground up. We set out to build the most powerful solo 401k plan available with the smoothest onboarding experience to make it more accessible for modern day entrepreneurs, creators, and self-employed individuals.

Ocho Money

A community, academy, and personal network to level up your personal finances as a business owner. We’re building a money education platform for entrepreneurs, and providing them with the tools, knowledge and community to help them master their finances and build wealth.

Next Financial Product (TBD)

We have big plans for 2023 and will be shipping fast and often, while sharing everything publicly in our monthly investor reports.

Past reports

Investor reports are sent out during the first week of each month. You can view previous reports below.

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Ocho helps business owners (creators, consultants, freelancers, independent workers) build wealth.