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Free downloadable ebooks, courses, and templates to help you manage your business and finances.

Solo 401k Handbook

Everything you need to know about the most powerful retirement plan for business owners and the self-employed.

How To Get An O-1 Visa

Main features, eligibility rules, and how to submit a successful application and get approved on your first try.

12 Tax Hacks for Business Owners

Earning any kind of business income opens up amazing opportunities for tax savings and wealth creation.

Equity Compensation Calculator

Find out how much your equity is worth, input different exit and vesting schedules to see your annual equity compensation.

Net Worth Tracker

The ultimate net worth tracking spreadsheet. Calculate your net worth and measure how it will perform with time and inflation.

Startup Equity Masterclass

Download the free workshop on how equity really works and how to successfully negotiate to get more equity.

Angel Investing 101

Download the first four lessons of our premium course, Angel Investing 101, taught by Hustle Fund co-founder & GP, Elizabeth Yin.

Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Input your expenses, pay checks and income and get a bird’s-eye view of your budget and finances for the year.

Retire With $1 Million Quiz

Take our quiz to calculate how much you need to be saving in order to retire with a million dollars, according to your age.

Personal Finance Resource List

A collection of the 15 best personal finance resources to help you get started on your wealth-building journey.

Financial Forecast Template

A free financial forecast template, guide, and training video on how to build a forecast for your business.

Teachable Investor Reports

Get every monthly investor report I shared growing Teachable from new company to $250 million exit.