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Learn the easy-to-digest strategies that will help you manage + optimize your finances to build generational wealth

Ocho Money is here to help you confidently build wealth as an entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant, or independent business owner.

Managing your finances can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to with the right support + education.

While your “right now” goal might be to make more, save more, and spend less—we want to help you think long-term, so you can reach true financial freedom, live life on your own terms, and create a legacy while making an impact.

Let’s tell it how it is..

The financial world is intentionally confusing, and we’re on a mission to simplify it so ALL business owners can feel empowered with their finances.

Between your business type, the state of your finances, your individual money goals, looming money fears, and so much more — it makes sense that you feel ample stress, anxiety, and avoidance around managing your money.

Talking about money (especially when you “don’t know what you don’t know”) can feel intimidating, searching for guidance can feel confusing, and trying to learn from a financial expert can be expensive.

It’s why most entrepreneurs feel like this…

“EVERYONE else seems to know how to manage their money properly. Almost seems like I’m so far behind it’ll be impossible to catch up. 😭”

– Elizabeth Y

“Managing money in my business feels like a COMPLETELY different ball game. I feel like I might be doing something wrong but also don’t know WHAT that is 😬”

– David B

Instead of hoping you’re doing it right, we want to give you the tools and education to feel confident in your money-management skills.

It’s time for business owners to build wealth, not just make money.

There are over 50 million independent workers (growing daily) making a living online with the number of small businesses accelerating rapidly, which is incredible, but…

No one is teaching you how to build wealth!

Countless platforms exist to help you make more money, but there are surprisingly few resources available to help entrepreneurs invest, optimize, and maximize their income.

That’s where we step in.

Ocho Money is an annual membership that will allow you to:

Increase your financial literacy and understanding of both personal + business finance concepts like budgeting, taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, investing, and debt management

Improve your ability to make informed financial decisions and create a solid financial plan for your business

Grow greater confidence in your ability to take control of your financial future and achieve your financial goals

Develop a wealth mindset and manage your capital effectively and sustainably

Create and maintain a healthy cash flow for your business

Make improved financial decisions with better financial forecasting capabilities

The ultimate hub for business owners looking to learn how to manage and grow their money without the overwhelm.

Money is a tool, and we’re going to show you how to use it to feel in control, less stressed about your finances, and learn new strategies to double down on the areas that are most important to you.

Ocho is for every business owner.

Tax optimization strategies based on business types and scenarios

What type of business to set up (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp)

Trust and estate formation

The best ways to save and invest for retirement

Live sessions and on-demand training.

Premium Programs

Unlock premium trainings (both live and on-demand) from finance and business experts.

Live Sessions + Q&As

Live sessions with industry leaders to answer your most sought-after money questions.


Join our accountability and goal-setting sessions to help you create and stick with your plans.

Premium courses + resources.

Throughout the year, we will be regularly releasing premium training courses and resources. These will cover a wide variety of topics from taxes, accounting, budgeting, investing, mindset, and more!

Community & live events.

Unlock the power of the Ocho Money community, where you can connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. We also host regular live sessions, including accountability and goal-setting workshops to help you create and stick with your plans.

Ocho Money will continuously add new trainings to our hub on a regular basis that you can watch on-demand anytime you’d like.

Take a peek at what we currently have available for you

Tax Planning & How to Prepare for the Big Exit

Mani goes through tax planning strategies to help you reduce the taxes you may have to pay when you make your big exit as a founder or startup employee with equity.

Who is this ideal for?

Startup owners, employees, investors


Mani Mahadevan

Angel Investing 101

Learn how to be an angel investor and start with as little as $1000. Elizabeth will share how to pick companies, build your portfolio, create and maintain deal flow, and the biggest red flags and mistakes to avoid that most new angel investors make.

Who is this ideal for?

Business owners, investors


Elizabeth Yin

Taxes & Accounting Foundations for Business Owners

Learn how to properly set-up your business (from choosing the right business entity to creating a financial forecast) and the must-dos ALL business owners need to understand when it comes to preparing your taxes (including expenses, write-offs, and how-to lower your risk of being audited). You’ll receive a simple schedule and action-plan that will keep your bookkeeping to as little as 30 minutes per month without the headache.

Who is this ideal for?

All business owners


Lorilyn Wilson

What’s Included when you join today

Being a founding member means you get early access at a locked-in low price year after year, as long as you stay in the community.

Enroll now at the founding member’s price for one yearly payment of

$599 Annually

Join today:

  • On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics
  • Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and “ask me anything” style conversations
  • An online community where members can connect and interact with other like-minded business owners who are committed to improving their financial education

We uncomplicate finances, business, investing, and tax strategy with experts who speak your language.

Ocho Money is for everyone who is self-employed, no matter what your current financial literacy is. We created this hub with the intention of educating both types of people:

We’ve curated an open and supportive community where talking about money isn’t only welcomed, it’s encouraged. The community and live sessions are what make this hub unique and will ultimately skyrocket what you can achieve financially.

Ocho Money is for you if you:

Are hungry to master your money by stepping into the driver’s seat of your business and life

Feel overwhelmed with money management and/or have procrastinated learning about it in the past

Have learned about money the hard way and are ready to clean up how you’re managing your finances

Are an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to create generational wealth and change the trajectory of your life, family’s future, and/or community

This community is not for you if you:

Have an advanced understanding of financial management and don’t feel there is more that you can learn

Are not willing to spend time learning about your finances or do not have an open mind with learning new strategies

Are located outside of the US (for now) as a lot of the content is tailored to U.S. residents specifically

Want hundreds of hours of content as soon as you sign up — we have 3 courses now, along with the community & lives, and will be continuing to release new content throughout the year

No questions asked money-back guarantee

You can try out Ocho Money for 30 days and if you feel it isn’t right for you, we have a no questions asked refund policy.

Join Ocho Money, risk-free.

Ocho was started by entrepreneurs who understand how difficult it can be when you’re starting to learn how to operate, manage, and maximize your finances.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and now have access to incredible mentors and want to make learning about finances accessible.

Meet some of the founders:

Jess Catorc


Jess Catorc, a co-founder at Ocho, is an award-winning brand strategist that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and startups expand their reach and revenue online. Supporting entrepreneurs has been at the core of her mission and she’s seen that it’s often not the “idea” that makes or breaks a business but rather their understanding of finances. This inspired her to start creating content for business owners and joining Ocho to continue these efforts.

Ankur Nagpal


After selling his last startup, Teachable, Ankur learned a lot about money he didn’t know as a first-generation immigrant and entrepreneur, including tax & estate planning strategies. He began Tweeting about his learnings, and it resonated with so many entrepreneurs who were hungry for this information, but also found it difficult to access. This led him to start Ocho to make personal and business finance strategies attainable and accessible for everyone.

Ocho Money is created specifically FOR business owners, and all the training and resources are created with you in mind.

We know just how hard it is to find the information you need or find advice that’s specifically for business owners.

Not to mention, it’s a challenge in itself to sift through the information, translate overly complicated jargon, know what steps you need to take, or what your best option actually is for your situation.

Ocho will simplify money and allow you to use it to create the life you want because you’ll finally uncover and understand all the possibilities you had never considered before.

Questions before joining?

What does being a Founding Member mean?

Being a Founder Member means not only will you be the first to access Ocho Money, but you’ll also get to sit in the “driving seat” with us and provide feedback on the content, and structure, and make suggestions on what you’d like to see most. You’ll also get exclusive access and join a small group of other awesome entrepreneurs that are passionate about mastering their money. Oh, we may sprinkle in a few other surprises, too

When the system is stacked against you, educating yourself is the best thing you can do.

We’re here to democratize this knowledge for everyone, especially business owners, so you can leverage the money you’ve made and turn it into lasting wealth for yourself, your family, and your community.

There’s no better time to start taking control of your financial future & turning your profits into wealth.

Being a founding member means you get early access at a locked-in low price year after year, as long as you stay in the community.

Enroll now at the founding member’s price for one yearly payment of

$599 Annually

Join today:

  • On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics
  • Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and “ask me anything” style conversations
  • An online community where members can connect and interact with other like-minded business owners who are committed to improving their financial education