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Ocho vs Rocket Dollar

Ocho is the best self-directed solo 401k, with integrated brokerage accounts, the ability to invest in any asset class with tax-free compounding*, and the highest possible contribution limits, Roth limits, and tax deductions of any retirement plan.

How does Ocho compare with Rocket Dollar Solo 401k?

Rocket Dollar and Ocho offer similar solo 401k plans on paper, but there are a few major differences in account set up, fees, and overall user experience. Launched in 2022, Ocho is a modern version of the solo 401k with integrated brokerage platforms, and the smoothest onboarding experience. Ocho offers all features, unlimited investments, and no fees on assets under management for just $299/year*. Rocket Dollar offers two different plans. The Silver Plan starts at $15/month and requires a $360 set up fee for the first year. The Gold plan starts at $30/month and requires a $600 set up fee.

The smoothest onboarding experience

The sign up process is perhaps the biggest differentiator of Ocho. With Rocket Dollar, the sign up process involves a lot of back and forth email exchanges, where you’ll have to answer questions, sign documents, and send it to them by replying to their email. You’ll also have to contact their partner bank separately in order to create your bank and brokerage account. With Ocho, the entire process takes under 10 minutes and everything is done instantly through the app during signup.

Simple, transparent pricing

Ocho has no setup fees, no plan tiers with restricted features, and no fees for assets under management*. You get the best of everything for just one transparent price of $299/year. Rocket Dollar offers two different plans. The lower-tier plan starts at $15/month with a $360 set up fee. The higher plan starts at $30/month with a $600 setup fee. If you want priority service and transfers, help with compliance and documents, and customer support beyond just email communication, you’ll have to sign up to their Gold Plan.

Integrated brokerage platforms

Ocho reimagined the solo 401k dashboard. With other solo 401k plan providers, you can set up an account, but you need to take the plan documents that they give you and open accounts at third party banks and brokerages. Not all banks and brokerages accept solo 401k plan docs. Ocho has integrated brokerage platforms directly built in so you never have to leave the app. You can set elections, make contributions, and even invest your solo 401k funds within Ocho*.

FeaturesOcho Solo 401kRocket Dollar Solo 401k
Cost$299/year*Silver Plan: $360 set up fee + $15/month
Gold Plan: $600 set up fee + $30/month
Set up processAll finished during the set up process, in under 10 minutes.Requires back and forth email communication, and submitting signed documents through email after you create your account.
Integrated brokerage accountYes, open a brokerage account directly within the Ocho app*.No, find a third party brokerage that will accept the Rocket Dollar solo 401k plan documents.
Making investmentsDirectly from the Ocho app, with checkbook control*.With a third party brokerage, with checkbook control.
Priority customer supportYes for all usersOnly for Gold Plan users.
Expedited serviceYes, all requests are filled asapOnly for Gold Plan users.
Roth option
Mega backdoor Roth
Alternative investments
Checkbook control

Why Ocho is the preferred solo 401k for business owners

Ocho is a modern solo 401k plan created by business owners for business owners. It has all the best premium features, like a Roth account, mega backdoor Roth, the ability to invest in any asset class, and integrated investment platforms directly built in*.

The highest contribution limits

Contribute up to $61,000 for 2022 and $66,000 for 2023. That’s 10x higher than an IRA and 3x higher than a 401k.

Beautiful, intuitive user experience

Setting up a solo 401k used to be a complex task with a ton of paperwork and back and forth with your plan provider and broker. Ocho meticulously re-engineered the onboarding experience. Creating your account takes under 10 minutes, and you can read and sign all documents almost instantly during set up.

The most flexibility in tax benefits

Ocho is the most functional, flexible, and versatile retirement plan allowing you to pick and choose your tax advantages. You have full control over your tax deductions (business or personal), Roth contributions, investment options, and can even set up a mega backdoor Roth to contribute up to $66,000 into a Roth solo 401k.

Access to alternative assets

With the Ocho Solo 401k, you can invest in any asset class with tax-free compounding. Invest your funds in traditional assets like individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds. Or, invest in alternative assets like crypto, real estate, precious metals, and private equity*.

Integrated brokerage platforms

The old way of setting up a solo 401k required you to set up an account with a plan provider, and then take the plan documents they give you to a third party bank and brokerage that will accept them. If you find one that accepts the documents, you can open a separate bank and brokerage account for your solo 401k trust, and start making investments through those accounts. With Ocho, the bank and brokerage platforms are directly built in. No need to take your plan documents anywhere (although you still can if you prefer); you can make contributions and investments directly within Ocho*.

Ocho is trusted and backed by the world’s top entrepreneurs, creators and money experts.

“The level of insight you get in terms of your money management is not something I’ve seen on any other apps I’ve used.”


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“The Ocho Solo 401k is a retirement plan so powerful and flexible that it feels like you’re getting access to a tax loophole.”

Elizabeth Yin
Cofounder, Hustle Fund

“Every business owner, creator, and self-employed person should have one. The benefits and tax savings each year are a no-brainer.”

Sebastian Fung
Owner, Ask Sebby

“Ocho built something I’ve wanted to exist for a long time – the modern solo 401k with all the best features and full admin support.”

Nate O’Brien
Investor & YouTuber

Sign Up to Ocho and get all-inclusive access to all of our products

Ocho is an annual membership that includes:

Solo 401k
Ownership of an Ocho Solo 401k plan, contribute up to $66,000 for 2023, and invest in any asset class with tax-free compounding.

Access to Ocho’s entire library of on-demand finance and business courses (including all summit replays). Plus join in on our live webinars and AMAs with guest experts.

Ocho IRAs (Roth + Traditional) You’ll get immediate access to both accounts on any plan**.

Personalized Financial Plans Starting at the end of May, access a custom financial plan built by our financial advisors for your specific financial situation and goals (only available on our Professional Plan)*.

“Ask an Advisor”
Get advice from our team of financial experts (only available on our Professional Plan)*.

Full Support
Onboarding, compliance, and tax-filing support. Get help from our world class support team any time you need assistance.

Basic Plan ($299/year)

Ocho Solo 401k Plan

Ocho IRAs (Traditional + Roth)

Security & compliance monitoring, full onboarding support and account administration assistance.

On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics

Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and AMA style conversations

Professional Plan ($499/year)

Ocho Solo 401k Plan

Ocho IRAs (Traditional + Roth)

Security & compliance monitoring, full onboarding support and account administration assistance.

On-demand courses uploaded regularly on a variety of personal + business finance topics

Live events with financial guest experts, both workshops and AMA style conversations

Plus: Personalized financial plan (starting in May)

Plus: Access to “Ask an Advisor” (starting in May)